Orifice Comic returns!

 The paper version of Orifice, my 24 Hour Comics Day comic, had a limited print run many years ago, so I thought I would publish it through my Gumroad page where you can get a PDF of your very own for a mere dollar. 24 Hour Comics Day is a comic jam created by Scott McCloud as a challenge to draw, ink and finish a whole comic in 2 days. This online version of Orifice should probably be considered a 48 Hour version, as I updated the font and fixed a few lines here and there.

 If using your credit card over the internet bums you out, you could also grab some of my paper comics using the Paypal method over at my Big Cartel page.

I also just signed up for The Iron Blogger Challenge.


Doctor Popular said...

Congrats on getting that book out, hope you release all your old comics that way. I should do that too.

Steen said...

Yay, congrats Mike!