Moving boxes

Today I helped a friend move her boxes and thngs into a new, cheaper storage unit in Fremont. They rented a truck. The corridors of the old storage unit were damp and haunted. I took pictures of the inside of the elevator. The new storage unit was in a trailer surrounded by mobile homes, power lines, the sound of chirping birds and frogs. I thought of food all day. On the way home there was a cinnamon bun at a Quickly Gas that I needed to possess in my mouth. But I abstained.

Afterwards, bacon cheeseburgers. Chili fries, shakes. Happiness.

Goodbyes. Waiting on the cold platform of MacArthur Bart station. People watching. Dead phone.

I'm exhausted and I want to collapse. It was a good time though.

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Doc Pop said...

I remember helping you move into a storage spot in SF many years ago. Many many. So much amazing art in that tiny little shed.