The Great Controversy Art Experiment

A few months ago myself and thousands of other Bay Area citizens received The Great Controversy: Past Present Future, a religious book printed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church Publications. It looks like this:

Instead of throwing it into the recycling bin, I decided to keep it and turn it into a drawing experiment with a few exquisite corpse mechanics. A person would have to select three random words from the book and then draw a picture based on those words.

Here's the full instructions:

The "Red Wall" Is a red piece of paper that sits underneath your drawing so that the ink doesn't bleed into the following pages.

Here are some examples that I created to get the game going:

Of course I had to change the cover a bit:

 The goal is to pass it around to a few artists that I know would enjoy playing the game. Then it would go through the mail and land in the hands of other artists willing to pass the book along when they're done. 

In the future, I'll start posting the drawings here and also on Twitter and Instagram with the #thegreatcontroversy hashtag.



Jason Baldwin said...

This is amazing! You should distribute this door-to-door to 7th Day Adventists.

Anonymous said...

Actually this video is better than the book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdNiCT0i8Q4