The One Time I worked With Richard Garfield.

Back in late 2012-2013 I had the chance to work with Richard Garfield, the designer of Magic The Gathering. It was the weirdest game project that I've worked on that has never been published. But it exists somewhere on a few sets of interactive cubes created by Sifteo, a small start-up I had the privilege of working at for a few short years.

The game project existed as Wee Warriors. The premise of the game was simple. It was set in a world where everyone on this particular planet was cursed to be physical representations of their chosen weapons. Manipulated by those with power, their fate was to battle each other for prizes dangled in front of them in the hope of one day reaching freedom from their enslavement. The battle mechanics were similar to Magic the gathering, but because of the orientation of the cubes, designing the game to be user friendly and fun proved to be challenging. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to take a crack at it.

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