FAR AWAY Update update...

I want to share an update on my progress with Far Away, the comic I'm working on with DocPop. I would talk about my favorite page. But my favorite page would be a spoiler and I want the viewers to have surprises when they read for the first time. Okay, I can at least mention my favorite page. My favorite page is page 14 where our heroes encounter new characters that change their circumstance dramatically. I can't say any more. I am sorry.

My process involves using one extra layer in Photoshop above the original inked pages. I use Multiply option on the layer so the lines show through when I paint on that layer. Next, I block out colors with a broad and sloppy brush over the original inked pages. The next phase involves tweaking color and getting in closer to clean the lines and erase the overlapping color bits so everything looks nice. Sometimes I'll go in and invert line art to add effects or emphasize text. The only areas that get a little added details would be sky scenes and other tricky spots.

I've been listening to all the Star Wars soundtracks while I color to keep me inspired and in the zone. It's super helpful.

Alright. I'm going to get back in there and work on the next page. I hope you enjoy the comic.

- Mike

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