National Donut Day

Or Donut Appreciation Day. Please help the donuts. So many donuts die each year in the mouths of plebs. Those helpless, delicious donuts live such a short life. Most of them die in the dark abyss of caffeinated beverages. Some of them get covered in butter and thrown inside an oven. Others get animal meats stuffed inside their sugary maws. Will you help free the donuts? Donate today. Every dollar saves a donut.

I will admit to eating many hundreds of donuts in my lifetime. To them I am a living monster. Perhaps if I help save their donut race my life might be spared when the donutgeddon brings about their lord and savior, King Cruller.


Mysterious Call

In my free time I've been working on a few freelance gigs. Here's one of two videos that I worked on for a friend's project. It was inspired by a Twilight Zone Episode. I created it in After Effects using just keyframes and cut out puppet parts for the jaw and the hands. I'll try to post the other one later.


Artist Update...

I am still alive. But my phone is dead. If you have been trying to reach me, send an e-mail. Fixing this phone will probably be expensive, which means you won't be hearing from me for awhile.

The Far Away coloring project continues. Almost done. Working on cleaning up some edges.

I understand that taking down both of my comic pages while working on Far Away was probably not the smartest thing I could have done, but I am still seeking a better place to sell my comics.

I am frustrated with everything.

Have a good day.