Everything happy!

I was lucky to snag a free ticket to Chris Hardwick's FunComfortable tour at the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco this Friday. Thanks Marty. I think it was my first time seeing a live taping of a comedy show. He also did a Q and A after his set. Followed by some musical number. Good stuff.

I am listening to Recreational Epislotomy's House Of The Rising Collapse, because it is happy making. It reminds me of Mr. Bungle. Anything to magnify the happy these days is all I want and need

Video Game:
Today I played a game called Road Not Taken on Steam. There was a sale a couple of weeks ago and was able to snag the game for a few bucks. In the game, you are a traveling hero that encounters a village after getting off a boat from who knows where. This village keeps getting their children kidnapped or lost. So you have to go into the woods and save the kids. The style is very cute and charming. It's a real time dungeon crawler type puzzle game where you have to bump objects around and make weird combinations of things to help you get the children back into the arms of their mothers. Very cool game. 

I just finished up Some freelance work, and I got a check in the mail for another job I'm doing. So, I'll be able to pay for the next two months of rent. I am also happy to say that I have some monies for groceries, so I'll be making more hot and spicy soup because this apartment is currently cold as ice.
Soup is good. Money for groceries is good. Life is good.

Friends have been helping me out lately with a few job prospects, coffees, and tickets to things I wouldn't have otherwise been able to attend. So thanks a bunch to those who've helped. I am eternally grateful and someday hope to be able to return the gesture.

In the meantime, I am attempting to keep myself busy with projects. So far so good.



Bricks and straws, or how to make friends.

Drawing inspired by listening to some Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd, and little bit of Deltron 3030.

Imagine this piece to be 4 by 6 feet. Throw some sophisticated meaning on the page about this one and sell it for a couple thousand dollars. I don't know beans about the means of that operation yet but I'm working on solving the mystery. Maybe I need to shed some dead skin. What do I do now? Where do I go? I do what I can day by day now. Maybe the goal is to become an internationally known artist. A successful artist. Something something. Start somewhere. Make bad art until it's somehow good. Keep drawing every day. Let's hope for success. More work, more friends, more connections, new dimensions. New ideas, new feels, new opportunities. New tools, new skills, dollar bills!