Bible Thumpin'

Salon Posted an article speculating that a post-religious America will happen in the near future. The image that immediately leaped to mind was the idea of the evangelical christian "bible thumper," God's circus ringleader. I'm sure one reason Christians are leaving might be to get away from their creepy, homophobic, greedy, under-sexed leaders. Just a thought.


The Book Of Secrets

So, I'm getting in the habit of drawing a thing every day. I usually pull ideas from Sketch Dailies, a daily drawing Twitter feed. But today I decided to use Phil McAndrew's  Big List Of Stuff To Draw.

  My work tends to differ from at least those artists who use pen tablets primarily. My work is not as clean and crisp as most. I like drawing abnormal, dirty, sweaty people who have some character to them. I do use a tablet to clean up small things, but I always try to start out with pencil and ink before adding color and touch ups.

I've been thinking about my artistic influences and I should sit down and list them out. My influences today seems to be a little Robert Crumb, a pinch of Peter Bagge, a sprinkle of Basil Wolverton. It's too bad none of them were any good at doing color. I have tons more influences that are contemporary to the 21st century.

I really liked the color combos in that Gravity Falls cartoon series. Also the animation. I mention that show because alot of my influences are from video games, animations, people on the street. I try not to copy other illustrator's work. But sometimes their influence just slips in there.

Okay, that's it for now.



Here's an animated .GIF I created for a Sketch Daily, a Twitter page started to challenge artists with a daily topic to draw from. Incidentally, DJ QBert is going to be performing at the DNA Lounge this March for POWX4 featuring MinusBaby and Bit Shifter, among others. It looks to be an amazing show!