Cover art for E.N. Cowell's Ruins EP.

I had a great time making this image for E. N. Cowell's new Ruins EP, which is available to buy now on his Bandcamp page.


Squirrel Warz is here!

Igorlabs just released Squirrel Warz, a real time strategy game with squirrels. I provided art. Find out more about the game by going HERE!


I made an animated GIF

Here's an an animated GIF I created in Photoshop. It's too big at 4.4mbs. I don't care. Gonna put it up on the internet. Some day I will learn how to put this in a video and add sound. I spent way too much time on making this, but I had to make it because I've been going through a stupid human phase of creative slump where I wasn't able to do much of anything. So this animation represents my struggle to do something, anything, and just get the damn thing done. Finished. Shipped.

Now I can move on and make another thing.