Stumptown Body Heat Insomnia craziness...

That's a flyer for BodyHeat at the Elbow Room I threw together a week ago before leaving for Stumptown in a van full of cartoonists. I'm supposed to talk all about my trip to Stumptown comix fest this past weekend in Portland, Oregon and all the nerdy comic book celebrities with whom I consumed thai food and beer. Instead, I'll just say that I had an amazing time. I loved the shitty motel we stayed in, and I also learned never to drink orange juice before going to sleep. Also, things like Seroquel really help a fellow out after having spent 48 hours awake. Well, that and frequent naps. I also sold a few books.

I will be attending SF Zine Fest in July, and I will have more Ofus N Stantch and Vessel books for sale. I hope to see you folks there.

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