New figure studies.

So, Here are some figure studies I created last Tuesday at my drawing workshop. I think they turned out okay, given I haven't touched pastel pencils in a long time. The challenge was depicting the extra light source from the heater. I could have done a better job at rendering the light source. As it stands, it's a bit confusing in the second drawing.

I've been wanting to go more regularly. Now that I have a job of sorts, I can afford to go once or twice a week. When the Academy Of Art workshops open up again, I'm hitting those up. They're free for Alumni.


lau said...

i think they're soft & beautiful.

rhiannon said...

This is a little off-topic, but Hi! My name's Rhiannon. My friend and I received a piece of your art at the Chicken John Orphan Christmas Gift Exchange. Out of the pile of stuff the both of us got, most of it was crap, honestly, but your drawing was MINE, DAMMIT! Anyway, my roommates love it. I don't know if you brought/donated it (the "Happy Holidaze on the back indicates you knew about it, and someone didn't just give it away) but if you did, Thanks! It's awesome.