Revisiting the Barren Echelon

I recently visited one of my favorite coffee places, Four Barrel Roasters on Valencia street in San Francisco. I found a postcard for an upcoming show and it begged to be enhanced with some black Sharpy action. So I went to town with it.

I suppose one could consider this an unauthorized artistic collaboration between me and Andy Vogt's postcard of his upcoming art show. The photograph definitely inspired me to build a new world centered around the debris left behind from what I took as a demolition site or an unfinished city.

I should probably plug his upcoming show so that I don't come across as a total prick. After all, his work did inspire me to create something new. That's very cool.

Four Barrel Art Series Presents:
wood drawings and/or scupture by
ANDY VOGT Jan. 23rd - Feb. 22nd
Opening reception Friday Jan. 23rd.
2009 6:00pm - 8:pm
Four Barrel Roasters
375 Valencia Street
San Francisco

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lau said...

the postcard that you did this to that you sent me still lives in my special box where my most treasured treasures are kept.