Doctor Popular and 32 pieces of Sushi

Doctor Popular and 32 pieces of Sushi

This was a flyer I made for my friend's birthday party at The House Of Shields in San Francisco. Unfortunately, no amount of shark jumping is gonna produce more sushi for Mr. Cupcake and the Lolcat. Tough break, kids. If you're reading this now, you should travel to House Of Shields tonight and wish ol' Doc a happy Birthday and buy him a drink or three.


Doctor Popular said...

Awesome piece Mike. Thanks again.

Derek Macario said...

Hey Mike I just found out about you(while on twitter and now I follow you) and your work
I also live in SF and just did post, mentioning you
check it out

- The Wee Gees Blog

H said...

Hey Mike, I've known you since the old days of drawing nekid peeps with Carmen in MV (and in 327)... and just discovered your blog! Cool stuff. I'm trying to get that C-lady to draw again, and trying to get myself drawing too.