Artistic Opportunity

Even more Noisebridge table drawings:

More Noisebridge Table drawing:

So, The day started out with a little drawing at Zeitgeist with my friends Nicoli and Meredith. Soon, Meredith suggested we move to Noisebridge for a warmer, more hospitable environment. When we arrived, we were all presented with a table that had just been sanded. Clutch (Hope that's right) had just sanded the table and wanted an image on its surface before covering it with a clear coat of something thick and transparent. So Meredith, Nicoli and I went at it like school girls in a beehive. Wait, that sounded wrong. We drew pictures! On the table. Pictures above.

Basically, the whole day was laid out for me after I saw that table. Hours later, I still wanted to work some more into it, but it was growing dark and the table project needed to be finished. I'm just glad I was able to snap some quick photos. I might need to paint me some more tables.


lau said...

that is amazing, mike. when (!!) you come to austin, let's buy a shitty table at a thrift store and make it our project while you're here.

Tania said...

amazing =)

thanks for share =)