Pattern Recognitions

If Sudoku unlocks pattern recognition abilities, then I've been spotting new patterns being built around me, almost like a neurological coping mechanism has kicked inside my brain to help alleviate depression. It could be that I started my morning with a shit ton of coffee, or that I've been massaging my brain with awesome music like Tom Fec's Tobacco, Zomby, and Bogdan Raczynski's album from 2007, Alight! which was waiting for me in an envelope on my desk at work. I'm listening to it now. It's delicious beat candy for the brainz. It reminds me of a fusion of Ochre and Venetian Snares, with the Legend Of Zelda slider nudged up a bit higher. He's the kind of musician who doesn't linger too long or repeat infectious bits, he jumps from one idea to the other.

This brain sauce inspires me to get to work on new ideas for comics, animations, etc. etc. But a continuous rotation of audio delicacies will be needed to build creative momentum. Different and New is always happy making.

Hello and good morning Tuesday.

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