WHAT I DID IN 2010!!!!

2010 was a very productive year. Thankfully, It was due to my twitter feed that I was able to recollect all the stuff I've accomplished.

This was a comic making challenge where the artist makes a page for every hour of the day. Being my first time, I decided to simplify and use post-it-notes.

Our games group at Tribal Games finished and released what would become the first of many awesome games, The Mighty Decider! Our marketing team made a little Video Preview! The Mighty Decider accidentally upstaged the Mighty Boosh on the Jimmy Fallon Show!

I joined a meetup.com group called the Art Telephone Experiement and made the following paintings:
The Cookie Licker
Couple floating on a piano
Dangling Entangled Women

Knife Tank The First:
I participated in a 24 Hour Dev Challenge with a group of friends to make a game in one day. Our first game was Knife Tank. The game was reviewed at Game Squad.

Knife Tank: The Hauntening:
Our second game was Knife Tank: The Hauntening!
Doc Pop took a quick production video of the whole crew when we finished the game. Our first review can be found at 1up.com

After participating in last year's 24 Hour Comic Jam and putting out a weekly webcomic, I had plenty of material to print some books. The first book was Puzzled! The second book was Sauce, Volume 2! This book was based on its webcomic. Here's a saucy image of Sauce that didn't make it into the printed book.

While attending Alternative Press Expo this year, I made some drawings which led to this commissioned piece for one of my Art Telephone Experiment buddies entitled Monster Family Portrait.

I Created a small animation test In Flash to test some audio.
Mysterious video experiments continued appearing for Zen Voyeur! Finally, the sounds of Helicopter Rescue! were quietly unleashed into the internet.

Well, that about wraps up 2010. Feel free to follow me on my next adventures on this blog or on my Twitter site.


DocPop said...

What an amazingly productive year! Keep it up. I can't wait to see what you make next.

Marty Step said...

Keep it up Mike....Next year even more!!!!

lau said...

Happy new year, Mike! I hope we see each other at some point in 2011. And I too, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us...