CIIS 41st Annual Commencement Visions

CIIS Graduation Ceremony Sketch

I created this sketch at the 41st Annual Commencement for the California Institute of Integral Studies which took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I was sitting in the audience with others, patiently watching each and every graduating member slowly make their way through the procession of speeches, awards, and diplomas. My friend Marty and I checked out the Letterman Digital Arts Center across the street from the palace before the ceremony. Amongst sculptures depicting notable inventors of various technological significance, there sits amongst the offices of Lucas Arts a life like sculpture of Yoda. It did not vibrate, dance, or speak via a small button. It simply stood atop a rock, in peaceful stillness, staring down at us.

The above sketch is evidence that I became riveted by the speeches, and could not contain myself.

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