Monopoly Hobo

Monopoly Hobo

Hello mysterious followers of my blog. I just finished and shipped a new painting to Copenhagen, Denmark for an art show occurring there right about... now. The piece barely made it out there as I waited until the last minute to ship it out, spending about the same amount of money I was attempting to sell it at.

the theme of the show is "Where did all the rich people go?"

Well, they certainly have to go somewhere, maybe in hiding. But this particular rich guy lost all of his money betting on illicit dog fights, boxing matches, and certain fetishes that aren't legal in the states. Eventually he lost his property and investments in the divorce afterwards. He stews, bitterly alone and defeated. All he's got is a dog he found scrounging for food in the dumpster behind a Carl's Junior and a dream of one day getting revenge on his ex wife. Who knows what will become of him now?

I started an acrylic painting of this image before I realized that I was running out of time for the show. So I decided to do the piece in ink and watercolors. I think it turned out alright for such a last minute project, but I wish I could have filled in the background with some back alley ambience, or maybe a forest scene with leaves scattered about. But I'm okay with how it turned out, and I'm ready to move on.

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