Character Animation For Sifteo

Hey there,
I wanted to share some neat character work and animations that I created for a demo that Sifteo was creating with their hardware. If you don't already know about Sifteo and their unique gaming platform, you could check them out here!

I only had about a week and a half to complete everything, so I had to work quick. The best way to design characters was to use some post-it-notes I had laying around. I had to design 3 characters, each representing a head, a torso, and a pair of legs. Amongst a bunch of drawings, we settled on these three dudes:

Brainiac head

Torso Bean

Cowboy Cyclops legs

I then had to create an animation that shows what happens when you put all three characters cubes together in the right way:

Finally, I had to show what happens when the cubes are then separated after the transformation. He starts walking around, which you could control by tilting the cube. Here's just one walking sequence:

It was fun. I'm glad I finally got to post these guys. Next up, I'm going to do some work on a new knife Tank themed game. I'll keep you posted.



Rick Lucey said...

Very cool I like the design and nice animation. Fun stuff!

DocPop said...

I love these pieces!!!

jasonquiz said...

Love seeing the sketches along with the final pieces. Great work!

pat said...

funny as shit, especially cowboy legs.

hapi said...

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Anonymous said...

omg the torso bean!X//3'

miromi said...

wow! nice stuff!