Good Bye Yeti!

I abandoned my Yeti Figurine. I'm still not sure the reason was a good one.

Letting go of material possessions can be very difficult. Losing or leaving behind material possessions can be even more frustrating. When I was visiting relatives in Los Angeles many years ago, I had what I thought was a bitchin' sketchbook. I lost it to the beach, never to see it again. I couldn't sketch months after that. That has happened three times to me over the years.

I have a theory that if I let go of something willingly, it will counter balance what ever force of nature causes my belongings to disappear. By also turning this into an artistic project, I feel it lessens the punch to the gut of having just let go of something.

So I let go of my Yeti.

Yeti visits a construction site

Yeti visits a dressing room

yeti visits Artist Television Access

The Yeti was last seen at the entrance way of Artist Television Access in San Francisco. I hope he finds a good home.


Rick Lucey said...

Great shots they really tell a story and give some emotion to it. Funny how we can take an inanimate object and when we put it in another context we give it some sort of an emotional impact! Rock on out there Yeti, rock on...

lau said...

good bye, mr. yeti. safe travels!