24 Hour Comic Challenge

Hello folks.
Last weekend Mission Comics in San Francisco hosted The annual 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge, a week before the official version starts because Alternative Press Expo falls on the same weekend of October 1st. Anyhow, I showed up and completed 26 pages of comics. Leef, the owner of the shop, was an amazing and patient host.

If you'd like to see some photographs of us toiling away, Leef posted some photos up on his Facebook page.

It's about Llamas and friendship.
It's slightly NSFW (nipples)
26 pages!

Right Click the links below to download:

Comic Book Reader Format
Remove the ".txt" bit after downloading

PDF Format

I originally set out to create the story for this book from my Instagram feed. That meant I relied on other people's photographs to tell the story. It worked up until the fourth page when I realized that I should change gears.

On page three I decided to to use a range of gray Copic markers instead of cross hatching to get the shading I wanted. I also kept the creases and debris on the sketchbook pages after scanning them because they not only add character, but I wanted to somehow simulate the experience of actually holding the sketchbook in your hand. Well, it's close enough.


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Brian said...

Nice work Mike. I think the Marker really worked well for you.