Fail... To Win!

On September 30th I participated in Chicken John's book release party and street festival at 111 Minna Street Gallery for The Book Of The Is: Fail... To Win! The show's proceeds were to help save Chicken john's Warehouse Space on Army St. It was a fun and rewarding way to help out. Apparently the show was a success and exceeded his expectations.

I always wanted to get my art in the 111 Minna Street Gallery, but I never thought it would be a book sleeve covered in Boner Dollars.

What are boner dollars, you ask? Well, they look like this:
30 Boner Dollars

I used these art supplies:
Boner Dollar art supplies

To make this book sleeve:
Boner Dollar Book Sleeve.

For this art show:
Boner Dollars final piece sitting in 111 Minna Street Gallery

The Free Dictionary defines boner as a blunder, or an error. Their website has a robotic voice button that pronounces the word "boner" for your enjoyment and further education.

This project was almost perfect for a show with a theme of failing to win. I failed a few times while working on the piece. But I won because I finally got a piece in the 111 Minna Street Gallery. I hope it's not the last time.